Friday, November 30, 2012

My Nieces

Calm down, calm down.

I got to see Niece #1 when we had Thanksgiving dinner at Shorty's last weekend.

Maggie (a boxer/terrier mix) was a shelter find a few months ago and although she had a somewhat rough start, she has turned out to be an incredibly well-behaved, friendly dog. One that doesn't lick too much, which means I can hang out with her, too.

The most recent addition is Niece #2...

Mia Sorella and The Dude decided they wanted a cat a couple weeks ago, and this past ... Thursday? they got Chamkay. (That means "Sesame" in Korean, by the way.) I got to meet her this morning via webcam and she's tiiiny.
Okay, so not that tiny, but I'm used to full-grown cats.
As I don't have any real, human nieces (or nephews) this may mean I have to make a long trip to PetCo before Christmas...
(Both pictures were Facelifted from said siblings' pages.)

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