Thursday, October 25, 2012

The First

I love snow.
Don't pummel me! I don't judge your weird preferences. Much.
In all seriousness, I should clarify -- I love snow in October, November, and December. By January, I'm ready to be done shoveling, scraping, and having to change socks because I can't seem to get a pair of shoes that stays waterproof all that long.
Although I've gotten more enthused about it since moving out of the house in central Wisconsin with 110 feet of sidewalk, 90 feet of driveway, and no snow blower. Yeah, by the fourth storm each winter that driveway just ... didn't get cleared very well.

But I do love it. I love the quiet it causes, and the clean look of everything (on the first day, anyway), and the fact that the whole world looks brighter even when the sun is setting earlier.

It's especially great on a day like today, when the temperature stays just above freezing ... so the snow lingers but I don't shiver all day.

Good stuff.

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Amanda said...

We had a "cold" front come through Texas last night. High of 68 today. I miss fall and winter and snow already.