Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

I'm not back. Not really. After this, I intend to return to silence for ... well, a week at least.


When something amazing comes up on xkcd, I like to post about it. (You know this.) I've managed to refrain for awhile.

BUT. When something truly ambitious and beautiful comes up, I have to rave about it. And that would be today's comic, the aptly-titled "Click and Drag."

It starts out innocently enough.

But then you follow the directions (you know ... to click and drag) and soon you're ... well, traveling the world.

Just one picture. I can't ruin the fun by posting all my favorite moments.

It's amazing. Truly, astonishingly amazing. And absurdly poetic, right down to the fact that you can only see a small window of the world at any given time.

There's still so much to explore that I will likely never see everything above and below ground. (I found an airplane! And the tunnels. But egads, he could have hidden so much in obscure white or black space.)

I applaud you, Mr. Munroe. You've really outdone yourself here.

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