Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things September Taught Me

1. I will never be a fan of political races.

2. I have some of the coolest cousins ever and I really should be getting to know them better.

3. There are also Whovians among my cousins. I want you to imagine someone you know rather well suddenly doing this (starting at 21 seconds) at you in the middle of a wedding reception. Because that happened to me.

4. I am too restless to stay in a good mood as long as I'd like.

5. A person really can meet fantastic people anywhere. I need to make a real habit of talking to strangers instead of it being a sporadic thing. (Should have already known this. Case in point: we've reached a point where one of my favorite bartenders ever is letting me borrow her copies of the Hunger Games books. Yes, Mr. Rogers -- I'm finally reading them.)

6. I get a tad too worked up over football games. [WHO AM I??!!]

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