Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Disclaimer: I'm aware that most of you really don't care about this (one in particular, but I'm not convinced he actually exists anyway). However, there are a few, so I'm going to post it anyway. Plus ... I want to show off my project a little. So there.

Among my other random hobbies, I enjoy sewing. Note: I never said anything about skill. I enjoy it. I am not particularly good at it.

That being said, there are some things I feel ridiculous buying because I know I could probably make my own. And then occasionally someone (in this case, my cousin) posts a link to a website that can help.

Enter Sweet Verbena.

I've been obsessively reading her blog for the last week and I keep wanting to try out her tutorials. (Right, so ... not the sequined mini-skirt. But plenty of others.) The other night I got started on the "it's a cinch" bag.

Tote-type bags fall squarely in that why-would-I-buy-this-when-I-can-make-my-own? category. They are, after all, all straight cuts and straight seams, which -- although this one is a bit more complicated than that -- makes them pretty easy to follow.

Mine is slightly smaller and I used corduroy (that is, a heavyweight clothing fabric) instead of an upholstery fabric for the straps and lining. I don't intend to put it through that much stress plus I didn't see anything on the upholstery racks that I particularly wanted to make into a purse. The outer is a midweight print I liked with the dark red corduroy. I also made an organizer pocket for the inside -- with compartments sized for a medium-sized notebook or a first-print paperback and pens.

Hey, I have my priorities.

... and then my battery died, so ... blurry it is!

Next up: at least one skirt. Gotta find suitable things to do inside if it's going to insist on staying SO STINKING HOT outside.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rain dance to do. Have a good night, all.

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Whitney H said...

Oh, Sweet Verbena. I do not own a sewing machine. If I did, I would probably follow all of her tutorials, even the sequined mini skirt.

In other news, I should be receiving my Game Day Dress next week. Luckily, I know people who sew.