Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fest Week

The things I intended to write about this week now seem vastly inappropriate (my desire to see "The Dark Knight Rises" and an upcoming trip to Colorado -- no, I'm serious) so I'll give you a quick one for the locals instead.

1. The Sioux Falls Air Show has already started. If you don't feel like going down to the airport yourself, there are other places to get a good view in town. (Blue Angels are on at 2:30, if that makes a difference to any of you!)

2. There's an Irish Festival going on downtown this afternoon from 3:00 till 10:00, including a rugby game at 4:00 (assuming they're still playing if it gets as hot as predicted).

3. It's not a "fest" per se, but there's vacation Bible school at Sunnycrest UMC starting tomorrow night. I mention it because a) it's not during the day like a lot of churches, b) it's a huge production, and c) there are things for big kids too. [My siblings built a life-size papier mache elephant a few years back. Shorty also built a functioning 10-foot-diameter Ferris wheel about four years ago. It's a production. And it's pretty cool.]

4. Finally, JazzFest starts Thursday. Can I tell you a secret? I've never been. It's kind of a shame, especially since this year ... Thursday's the only night I could possibly go. Hopefully I can pull it off, just this once.

All right. All for me. Take it easy, all.

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