Thursday, May 3, 2012

You, Revisited

Last August, I told you a little about ... you.

Since then, my total number of visits have doubled. Yeah! Doubled! I was pretty excited to see that. I seem to have picked up a few new readers, lost a few regulars, re-gained a past regular or two, and generally gotten more ... I hate to use the word diverse, but at the very least it's gotten more interesting to watch.

As it's been awhile since I graphed something, I decided to sit down with these new numbers and see what had changed. So ... here we go. This is you.

General Statistics

For some reason, October 2009 was a pretty big month for hits. While most months are fairly consistent, that month was a clear outlier. (If I can manage a few more quality posts, this month may be similar.)

Roughly 2% of all views lead to comments. I'm afraid that reflects badly on me.

However, there's been a drastic increase in the number of Facebook comments I get. Hopefully that trend continues.

I'm not inclined to graph this one, but it's interesting to see which posts get hits over time instead of just the day or two after they're posted. It seems people are more inclined to go back to a) food posts, b) anything with pictures, and c) when I write about unemployment.  

Actually, what I found really cool is that my post from yesterday is already in the top ten. You also seem to enjoy January's caffeine discussion.

You, By Country

There's been a shift from the original top ten (some of which now fall under "other," or the hits that I can't quantify because they don't appear in the top ten). I was a little surprised at some of these ... Leave a comment if your country isn't represented! Or if you're from Latvia. That one has me curious.

I only wish they showed it state-by-state, too. Lots of curiosity. Plus ... I wouldn't object to more numbers.


You, By Operating System

Apparently I have PC people. And a fair number of smartphone users, which has definitely increased in recent months.

I wonder how this compares to the total percentage of Mac users out there ... Maybe this is actually a fair representation of the overall population. I don't know.

You, By Browser

Right, so I'm really only including this one out of my own nerdiness. Following the "umwelt" experiment on xkcd, I was curious anyway.

Chrome's gaining ground, which is really only further proof that Google's taking over the world.

You, By Referring Website

If there's anyone out there wondering how to get more readers, may I recommend linking to Facebook? Both the Facebook hits and the Networked Blogs hits come from there.

Other than that, I can credit some of this to shameless self-promotion. Guess it's worth it.

A Few Search Terms

All right. I admit. I was dreading this. Why? Because I knew what was going to happen.  After the last time we did this, I knew the results would never again be truly representative. They'd be forever skewed by the power of suggestion.

So really... I blame myself.

(Seriously, there were so many versions of  the Mount Rushmore thing that it took up the remainder of the top ten. What the heck, guys.)

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