Sunday, May 20, 2012


...You Don't Necessarily Need To Know About Me.
(But I'll tell you anyway.)

1. I talk to my car. A lot.

2. I spent as much money on my Keens as I did on my kayak. (I got a really good deal on my kayak, though.)

3. I don't entirely understand rugby, but I'm trying.

4. I really, really hate wind.

5. I'm a little afraid Christopher Nolan is going to kill a man dressed like a bat.

6. I really, really enjoy making layer cakes. I can't explain it.

7. Although I usually have a head for birthdays and other milestones, and although I'll occasionally pull out a really random one ("Hey, that's the first day I worked in Wisconsin," or "Hey, that was the day of my first college class," or "Hey, that's the day I took the ACT"), I managed to overlook that yesterday was officially my ten-year high school graduation anniversary.

8. I love a good ol' eastern SoDak thunderstorm.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

#7 makes me feel old. How did that happen?