Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meme-ing (Meming?)

Amanda over at Life In Lajes was minding her own business, trying to get to the UK when she was unexpectedly memed. Not being a naysayer herself, she decided to continue the madness.

Strictly speaking, I'm not a meme-er. (Tee hee.) But when I found her comment waiting for me, I couldn't say no. And not just because I've known Amanda for longer than most of my non-family readers and she knows where I live.

First, here are THE RULES as shared with me:

  1. You MUST post the rules. 
  2. Answer the questions the tagger sent for you in the post, and then create 11 new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
  3. Tag 11 bloggers; however, you can break the rules and tag fewer people if you want. Make sure you hyperlink their names/blogs.
  4. Let them know you've tagged them!
  5. Have fun!
(Ashley's note: I would add "6. Don't ask a question you're not willing to answer.")


Now, these are the questions posed by Amanda:

1. Where do you want to live when you retire and why?
Hands down, the Black Hills. Nothing else feels quite so ... right. 

2. If you could take a year off from your “regular life” to do anything, what would you do?
If you want to get technical about it, that's kind of what I'm doing right now (the year off from "regular life," that is) ... But what I'd really like to be doing with my gypsy year is bartending in Australia. No reason except that it's made possible by the Australian government. (There's still time...)

3. What was the last song you listened to?
Ha! Um, "Balla & Biscuit" by the White Stripes.

4. What is your favorite thing to cook/bake?
Definitely layer cakes. So much fun, and so much room for creativity in an orderly engineer-y sort of way.

5. What is one thing you are looking forward to in the next year?
Given that next year is a big dark fog bank right now, I'm not sure. How about ... assuming it happens, visiting Daz. Yes! That's it!

6. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An English teacher. Kind of hilarious now. Actually, really hilarious now.

7. How many US states have you visited? How many countries?
Eesh. Um ... 23 states, 4 countries. I really need to work on that.

File:Windows 3.11 workspace.png
Raise your hand if you remember this!
8. Mac or PC?
PC from a very young age. I learned on DOS. I remember an upgrade to a computer with Windows 3.1.

9. What is one skill you learned from your parents that you use today?
Anything of or related to baking. Or my mental math abilities (thank you, Dad).

10. What is your favorite drink (with our without alcohol)?
What if I can't pick a favorite? I love coffee for any reason. I'm planning a tea party for when Mia Sorella gets home. I'm fascinated by the processes behind beer and wine. Different beverages for different occasions.

11. What state or country do you call home?
South Dakota, USA. For now.

This is my list of questions for the next round:

1. In how many different towns have you lived? How many different addresses?
2. What is one thing (besides a meme-tag) that annoys you?
3. What is one thing that automatically brightens your day?
4. Tell me a story (true or otherwise) that starts with, "So I was standing outside my house when..."
5. Do you eat enough vegetables?
6. What is one thing you always want to know when you first meet someone?
7. What's your favorite outdoor activity? Why?
8. What is one [slightly] super-human thing you can do? (Run a marathon? Win a hot-dog-eating contest? Hold your breath for 3 minutes?)
9. Let's hear a 100-word rant or rave. Go.
10. What's the strangest thing you've seen yet this year?
11. What's the riskiest thing you've done? Did it work out?

Finally, here are the people I'd like to see answer these:

(Hey, think of it as a creative writing exercise if it makes it easier.)

Have fun, folks!

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Amanda said...

I love it!! Thanks for playing along :)