Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May-Beginning Vignettes

Let's just pick up where we left off yesterday, shall we?

9. The forgotten plus to a birthday month? The number of places that will give you special discounts when you buy something. I think I've been offered close to $100 in free stuff already.

10. Something kind of funny happened to me on Friday. I went out to dinner with D&J (...oh, you know who you are) and ordered ribs. A couple minutes after we dug into our food, a manager appeared with a whole new plate of ribs. Why? Because they'd put the wrong sauce on mine. Which meant that I got an entire meal out of the deal. A mistake that I don't notice, doesn't mean I have food that sucks, and that the manager promptly fixes? Best restaurant error ever.

11. During a recent Woot-off, I bought a super-nerdy T-shirt. (I couldn't help myself. Really, I couldn't.) There's something odd going on here: even if I leave out the weekend, it takes only two days for it to get from Texas to Sioux Falls and four to get from Sioux Falls to my house.

The Little Things

 It doesn't make any sense.

12. One of our local grocery stores offers occasional cooking classes, one of which I got to attend yesterday. My conclusion? I must find more of these. It was fantastic fun.

13. I still haven't adjusted to running into people I know in everyday places. That used to mean someone was far from home (like the day I came across the Vegetables in Wisconsin Dells). Now it just means I'm actually out in public. By the time it starts to seem normal, I'll be on my way to a new place.

14. I'm still ready for the summer.

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