Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Daily Update

Well, here I am.

My mood (on the right) is pretty accurate for today -- definitely feel lonely. My two best friends broke up with each other, I'm still recovering from an awesome weekend, and now I'm sitting in my room doing homework. Okay, sitting in my room avoiding homework. Obviously, or I wouldn't be talking to you.

I failed a microbiology test this morning. When I say "failed," I mean "failed with gusto." I've never failed a test with so much confidence in my answers before. I was baffled when I checked the score. Baffled.

Thank goodness one test gets dropped in that class. I can survive then.

Temperatures are increasing outside, so the dorms are heating up. Since I'm currenly sans-fan, my room is more furnace than living space. It'll work (better than living in the Jeep), but it's not terribly comfy right now.

Um ... that's it. I need to get some more kinetics done and read through my piece for our presentation tomorrow. Have a good one, folks.

To any truly impartial person, it would be obvious that I am always right.
-Ashleigh Brilliant

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