Saturday, March 19, 2005

Slow Saturday

Ah, Saturday. The word alone brings music to my heart.

Cheesy, huh? But you have to admit -- waking up and realizing that you DON'T have to rush off to class is a great feeling.

I don't usually set my alarm for Saturday mornings, but today I decided that I should probably be moving by 11AM. As such, my alarm was set for 9ish, in hopes that I'd be moving before 11AM. But what happens this time? I wake up at 7:30. Where's the justice in that? (I guess I was moving before 11AM...)

In any case, I realized that I didn't have to do anything right away, so it's been a relaxing morning, despite it's early start. And, all things considered, it'll be a relaxing afternoon, except for my impending trip to the Evil Empire to pick up some groceries and snacks for tonight. There's no good time on a Saturday for that trip.

Speaking of tonight, I somehow ended up with the task of helping emcee FilmQuest ... Fun stuff. If only I could find some strange accessory ... a hat or something ... I suppose I could bring my huge flower pinwheel thing, but that's more a prop than an accessory ... Hmmm ... Something appropriate for encouraging people to go out and embarrass themselves for the greater good of humankind. Or at least Techkind.

More on that later, and hopefully pictures.

Darren, I'm sorry I missed your last two phone calls. What is that, 4 times you've tried? And thus 4 times I wasn't anywhere near my phone. I imagine it's not cheap, either, being international and all. Egads.

Well, it's about time I left this room and did something useful. That and I think Subway's calling my name (or maybe my stomach's throwing its voice again). Definitely about time for lunch. Later, people!

If we learn by our mistakes then I am getting a fantastic education.

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daz said...

so how'd you end up doing in film quest? was there the challenge of drinking a 2liter of Dew? did ya get any points w/ my call? procrastination on hw is great. laters