Monday, March 28, 2005


Ah, a good weekend. A great weekend, even. Yesterday was astounding. Double the usual attendance with a large chunk of those deciding to eat with us, followed by a nap.

As a rule, days are improved by naps.

Today, I woke up at home after getting to sleep in a bit, then went shopping with Mom (who was nice enough to buy a dress for me that I'd been eyeing). Next came the furious packing of ... well, everything, baking of cookies, some goodbyes, coffee at B&N, and one more goodbye. (Already miss you, Aaron.) Five hours of mind- and butt-numbing driving later, I was back in RC.

Raced down to Surbeck to check my mail, finding my package to have (finally) arrived. Teach yourself Russian (the only book/CD set that I found trustworthy) and Earthling, a book of poetry by Steve Healey. Highly recommended, provided randomness doesn't bother you. (To my sister -- my third item ended up being out of stock, so I was given a refund instead. Still don't know what it was.)

Since then I've been unpacking, with a minor setback involving one of my new earrings. Pretty dull, all things considered.

Not terribly interesting, but that's all I've got for now. Hope to hear from all of you, however that might happen!

If you took all the students who fall asleep in class and lined them up end to end, they'd be a lot more comfortable.


daz said...

a dress??

Ashley said...

Yup. By choice and everything. I don't know what's happened to me, either.