Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Out Of Focus

Wow, what a day. I can't seem to think in a straight line. And, since that equates with an inability to form full sentences, here's my day in phrases.

Wake up early, enough time to hit snooze
Nuts, now it's late, better get going
Too much work, not getting anywhere
(Am I missing a program or just being stupid?)
Frustration, frustration ... now off to class
First class is interesting, but can't stop thinking about unfinished homework
Second class is interesting, amusing like always
(This is the only prof who swears in class)
Stomach grumbling, still trying to finish homework
Other prof has disappeared, need his help
Finally! Program exists (I was just being stupid)
Almost done, almost -- what??!! Network down??!!!
Gotta print this somehow ... disc, disc, disc ...
No discs. The world has swallowed them all.
Wait! Spork to the rescue!
Homework done at last
Print and copy
Off to class
Short novel written instead of notes
(at least it looks like I'm taking notes
everyone else is sleeping)
Quick presentation, cut off early
Zone out for remainder
Hoping for no quiz
Prayers answered
One new discovery --
Biochem prof mutated butterflies as a child
Six pages of notes
Bell rings
Time to relax

And now that I'm done talking to you people, I'm going to get to that relaxing thing. What a tremendously long day.

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

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daz said...

i forgot that i called last night, but now i remembered i called and then said something like here's an aussie or something like that and then the person started to talk and whatnot. anyways laters