Friday, March 18, 2005

Lunch Break

I get a lunch break today! An honest-to-goodness, no homework to finish, no quiz to study for, just need to eat something lunch break!

Simple joys, okay?

So I'm sitting here, eating my sandwich, watching mediocre stand-up, and reading "Backpacker" magazine when I come across two interesting things. The first is a (small) writeup about hiking in the Black Hills. Exciting, if only because this is only the second occasion I've seen good ol' SoDak mentioned, and I happen to think that we've got some pretty good hiking out here. (The last time involved the dispute over who should have control of the Badlands.)

The second interesting thing is an advertisement for shoes. You know how perfume ads often have the smelly flap? This shoe ad features the phrase, "Can you smell the weekend coming?" with a smelly flap labelled "Eau de Campfire."

The astonishing part is that it does, in fact, smell like a campfire. Well, pretty close, anyway. I was amazed. Mostly, I was just glad it didn't smell like shoe.

Anybody out there have a suggestion for a great headlamp for a college student on a budget? Think "frequent nighthiker." And "long battery life." And "don't want to feel like I'm carrying a boulder on my head."

Um ... yeah. I think I'm done. Have a great weekend!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.

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