Friday, March 11, 2005

Killing Time

I love the balance of time. For all the days I rush around and don't quite have enough time to finish things, I have days like this, where I'm just waiting for someone and can't quite fill the gap with anything useful.

We'll be headed back towards home pretty soon -- and by "we," I mean my sister, myself, and an old high school friend of mine. Well, of my sister's, too, I suppose. In any case, he's an old friend (someone I graduated with, actually), and he's catching a ride home with us. I've seen him ... three times? in the almost-three years since graduation. Could be interesting -- or it could just be another five hour car ride (number 3 for this particular break).

So ... yeah. Not sure why else I'm writing today. Just needed to do something before I lost my mind.

Not much left of spring break -- just the weekend now. Family time, I think (of which I haven't had much during this particular vacation), and similar festivities. Depending on the weather, I may be going to the zoo tomorrow.

Other than that ... Wait, I ran out of anything to say before I even started. Never mind "other than that."

Have a good one, people.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

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