Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Back to the having some time to kill. We're headed to church shortly to get started on the Easter breakfast festivities, which is our little family tradition. Ever since I was in middle school, we've been in charge of this meal. Why? Because nobody else is willing to get up this early on Easter morning to start cooking sausage.

In the meantime, my parents are trying to get the time-bake setting on the oven working, and my brother is just finishing his shower. Time to kill.

I don't have a lot more to report. Made it home Wednesday night after a mad dash to finish my formal report for heat transfer lab. Thursday night was spent in the company of about twenty middle- and high-school-age kids; Friday was spent recovering, and my sister came home as well; and yesterday I slept in, then went shopping with my mom and sister. Always an adventure, since none of us are particularly fond of shopping. (And now my ears hurt.)

That's about all. I think we're about to hit the road anyway, so ... Have a good week everybody!

Had a cousin once who was the town drunk. Not that unusual really, unless you considered the fact that he lived in New York.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley-
I just thought I'd mention the fact that your comment made it seem as though Mom and I talk loud and/or too much.

Ashley said...

Hmm, interesting. Actually, that hadn't occurred to me. And you two were pretty quiet yesterday, all things considered.