Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Show Tunes

Hey, look at that! It's an eventful day!

Great news this morning: I had a pretty easy microbiology test AND I'm all set to do research this summer! Double woot, if only because it means I have a job for at least a couple months in addition to going to Russia ... Whew. Relief at not having to hit the parental units up for money every other week. (I hope.)

By some miracle (or accident, however that works) I'm managing to pass biochemistry, too. Exciting stuff, I tell you.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand.

I realized yesterday (and by "yesterday" I mean Sunday, since I'm a little late on this post) that I have confused taste in music. Take the current playlist: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Nellie McKay (if you've never heard of her, you should try -- she's fun), followed by Garth Brooks and then a bit from the "Phantom of the Opera" soundtrack. What struck me, however, is that when I get songs stuck in my head, they're not rock, or country, or irritating pop (which is the one genre I'd rather not claim). No, instead I'll end up with "Angel of Music" from "Phantom," or "Sadder But Wiser Girl" from "Music Man," or (heaven forbid) "Maria" from "Sound of Music."

Yes, that's right. I, once a bigger fan of rock music than your standard groupie, have a tendency toward show tunes.

Not sure where this puts me now. I just felt the need to share, I guess. And I stand by -- you should see "Phantom." Amazing.

If you make something idiot proof, someone, somewhere, will make a better idiot.

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