Thursday, January 6, 2005


Still not sure how to react ... I can't believe Turtle's gone. I suspect this will hit me sometime today or tomorrow, leading to temporary uncontrollable crying. Until then, I'm in a daze.

Nothing quite beats a friend's death to make you rethink your own life. I'm not sure I have a purpose right now, but suddenly ... Well, if they could run out of time, who's to say I'm not running the clock out myself? Something to contemplate. Glad I decided to go to Russia.

Been browsing through some blogs (funny the things that amuse you when you have a short attention span but don't want to think too hard), and I have to say, I've found some interesting ones. Bit confused about some people's profuse swearing even while they're in a hyper-intellectual state. You lose a bit of momentum when you can't restrain the profanity (and you end up sounding like an idiot). A few that were a waste of my time (wow, I sound like a ... um, not nice person), and a couple that I'll be re-visiting, I think. Sometimes push-button publishing works.

School starts again in a few days. Should be an interesting semester. Starting my biochem emphasis classes ... Egads, scary. But fun, I hope.

All I've got for now. Still can't think straight.

I don't think so, therefore I'm probably not.
- Alan Smithee

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