Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Why are computer labs smelly?

I suppose there's a simple scientific explanation here. After all, they have a tendency to be warmer than some classrooms, and they're high-traffic areas. However, there are very few low-traffic classrooms, and even the ones on the top floor of the math building (the hottest ones on campus) don't have tendencies toward smelliness.

Normally I wouldn't open my blog with this kind of greeting, but I was contemplating that while I was working in the lab in the chem-e building earlier today. It's smelly, kind of like the lab in the dorm next door, and the one in the classroom building. We're talking serious, permanent B.O.-type stink. The kind that makes you walk out and smell yourself, just in case you picked up the scent while you were in there (like you do when you spend quality time at a bowling alley).

Personally, I think it has more to do with the fact that far too many students spend multiple hours of the day in a computer lab, as opposed to the time spent in a classroom during a simple fifty-minute class period. Let's face it -- you, too, start to stink when you spend too much time doing one thing, regardless of whether or not it's active.

Not sure there's much more to talk about. Life is dull these days ... Okay, so maybe just since yesterday. This weekend was pretty cool. There are more people at Perkins at 2AM than some days at 6PM.

I better get back to work. Topics, people!

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