Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Not A Freshman Anymore


Well, I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying classes this semester. After last semester's thermo disaster (I can't stand thermo), I was a little worried, but this semester's rounding out nicely.


I'm definitely not a freshman anymore. I mean, I've been mistaken as one (when I turn 21, I'm going to have to wear my ID around my neck for the first three years before anyone believes me), but my classes prove otherwise. Well, except for intro to sociology, which is actually a general that I'm finally fitting in.

Mostly, this occurred to me as I left biochemistry today. Holy cow, that's a labor-intensive class ... It's all self-taught, with quizzes in class (first by yourself, then the same quiz in a group). I haven't done terribly well yet, but I'm still catching on to the style of the class.

Anyway, I have some amino acids to memorize. Better get back to work. Later, people.

Don't hate yourself in the morning -- sleep till noon.

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