Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Mmm ... Homemade Caesar Dressing ...

Ah, snow. Makes me want to sit at home and eat a salad. Well, not really, but that's all I've managed to do since it started, and Mom's been pushing this dressing ... It's pretty good. You don't really even taste the anchovies, except as an aftertaste sort of situation.

I have a strange family.

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been massively re-vamping my blog, trying to make it look more ... well, look more, I guess. I finally seem to have a template that allows comments -- whee! Comment away, people! (Okay, so this will likely do minimal good, as people have to read the blog in order to comment on it in the first place.) Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my links that I used to have ... Still have to play with this new template a little.

You should all check out my friend's blog. He's going to Australia next semester (he's leaving us, dangnabbit!), and is going to try the blog thing for keeping in touch.

Spent some quality time with Jill a couple nights ago. Yay Jill! Yay for things going well for Jill! And chica, I'm sorry you're already back at school. I'd say I feel your pain but, well, I go to a state school, so mostly I'm just sorry.

Got some good quality girl time with Ashli this morning. I'm still sorry I didn't manage to drag myself out of bed earlier, chica.

Let's see here ... upcoming events ... Wednesday a couple of us hope to drop in on an old teacher of ours. I know, I know, that sounds so nerdy, but if you knew this teacher, you'd realize how much we have to do this. She's awesome. She's at a different school now, though, one with actual security (as opposed to my old high school, which ... well, which has a liason officer part-time), and we're a bunch of small-town confuseds. Yes, confuseds is now a word.

I guess my break is winding down. All the travel and excitement seems to be over. Now comes the cleaning and the laundry in preparation to go back to Burnout University. This next semester looks considerably more promising, but all the same ... Eesh.

All for now, I guess. Talk to you people soon.

Flying is the second greatest experience known to man. Landing is the first.

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