Saturday, January 15, 2005

Long Weekend!

Ah, long weekends. Sure, Christmas vacation is great. Spring break is awesome. But there's something strangely comforting about getting just one day longer to sleep, eat, and hang out.

Last night we kicked off the weekend with bowling, sledding, pizza, and Perkins (and some with alcohol, but that's just a Friday night at Tech ... or any college, for that matter). While I'm fully aware that we probably can't keep the steam up all weekend, it'll be fun to try.

I have the urge to watch a chick flick ... or maybe some "Fraggle Rock" (except wait, I don't have any Fraggle ...) . It's been that kind of month: lots of confusion, lots of turmoil, lots of work -- and we've only been back for a week. I'm sick of thinking so hard about what's going on in my life. And some of it -- well, some of it I'd just like to settle and get out of the way. Does that make any sense?

Oh! And I've officially received word -- I'm going to Russia!

Some of you may be receiving requests for monetary donations soon ... then again, I'm not entirely certain who reads this, so maybe none of you will.

Anxiously awaiting the opening of "Phantom of the Opera" in South Dakota ... Next Friday, baby! I went to this in New York City, saw it in the Majestic on Broadway ... Wow. I hope the movie doesn't completely screw things up, but I've only heard good things (then again, I haven't heard much about it, as most of my friends live in SoDak and haven't been able to go to it yet ... and a lot of them don't really care if they do). Anybody have comments on it?

I think that's all I've got for now. I promise there won't just be life updates this next week ... I'll get something slightly more amusing up. Later!

I love learning new things! It makes me feel smarter for some reason.
-The Sister's Roomie


daz said...

hey i don't know if its the same phantom of the opera but sophomore year of high school i went to it at xmas time. i thought it was pretty good (was the first play i went to). how much are tickets to go? as i might go since i plan to be in rapid next weekend. laters

daz said...

wait..are you talking about going and seeing the movie 'cause if you are cancel my previous statement about going. either way i'll most likely be in rapid so laters.


Anonymous said...
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