Thursday, January 13, 2005

Further Introspection

I'm a wimp.


In an unrelated story, a memorial was held today in honor of Turtle, Chad, and a girl named Danielle that died in a car accident at the beginning of Christmas break. Not a dry eye in the place ... I'm not sure how many hundreds of people were there, but it was standing room only by the time the service started.

It's still next to impossible to believe they're gone, and I still don't think it's hit me fully yet. One of these days I'll just sit in my room crying, the truth having finally hit home. Until then ...

All in all a day for contemplation. I'm not sure where I'm going right now, or with whom ... I don't know what to expect from the rest of this semester, how my classes will go, whether or not I'll even want to be here in May. But I think I'm ready to start finding out.

Put your clothes back on your imagination and come back!

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