Friday, December 17, 2004


It is December 17th, right? I only ask because today I'm running around in a tank top and flip-flops. I think I'm justifiably confused.

Well, tomorrow it's home again. In five hours, I will officially be done with this week's, this month's, this semester's festivities. I can't wait.

In the meantime, I sit (almost) alone in a computer lab, waiting for the hour to appear so that I may fulfill my fate and suffer through the heat transfer final. No, wait -- never mind, that's what I meant. I think.

Let's see here ...

Ah yes. I think I'm about due for a rant. After all, all three of you that read this don't do it to stay caught up with my life, now, do you?

I think the only truly appropriate thing to rant about right now is Christmas. Now, I love Christmas. I love the snow, I love the shopping, I love the food, the fireplace, the tinsel, the lights, the gaudy plastic Santas, the music, the whole atmosphere that seems to take over. This is my favorite time of year. But don't get me wrong -- I'm also fully aware that most of that is fake.

It's my personal belief that that, in itself, is one of the true shames of humanity. This is a holiday with a truly pure beginning ... But what is it now?

Sure, people take the time out of their busy, cutthroat year to relax a little. Donations go up, and those Salvation Army Santas bring in some serious pocket change. It's a pity people forget about them the rest of the year.

It's a time for department stores to go wild, a time for jewelry stores to convince you, once again, that the only way to her heart is through an overpriced rock that isn't nearly as rare as they want you to believe. Generosity and giving are carefully marketed to the general public, hoping to bring in some serious profit.

All the while, crime rates go up, suicide rates go up ... Houses are left empty, prime pickings for thieves in wait. And those same stores are convincing you that, if you don't have someone to give to, you don't have much use for this time of year. You should be buying the most expensive gifts, decorating your house more than anyone on your block, showing your spirit. If you're not, you're not doing your part to make Christmas what it should be.

Tell me -- do you feel called to love your neighbor, or simply outdo him?

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