Sunday, August 22, 2004

Clear? Nah, More Red


I just took a few minutes to read through some recent posts of fellow bloggers, and I'm feeling a bit alarmed. Nothing quite beats push-button publishing to bring out the rotten spellers.

Okay, okay, that's not entirely fair. A lot of those people can spell just fine. But a lot of them can't. (Now every time I make a spelling error, I'm going to get emails telling me so. Oops.)

Actually, most of them could be easily classified into two groups: the "I'm just keeping it real with my homies" group (did I just say that?), and the "I'm trying to have a long-distance educational experience with several of my colleagues" group. That is to say, people could be grouped into teenagers or the overly intellectual.

Both said groups are interesting to observe. You've got those who use every shortcut in the book while they're writing so they type fewer letters (and look "cool") and then you've got those who seem to be going through the thesaurus so they use longer, more elegant words. Both groups get kind of annoying, too. With one, you get the urge to say, "Type a full word, would you?" With the other, you just want to snub them for sounding smarter than you. And I hafta say, it gets confusing when you're jumping around between the two groups. My poor brain couldn't take it anymore (which explains why I'm telling you all about this now).

Eventually, I realized I didn't want to fit into either of these groups, and I couldn't help but wonder what people on the outside thought of my blog -- that is, all four people that have read it. More specifically, I said, "Crap, this sucks."

This is when I created group #3: "Those Who Just Like To Hear Themselves Talk."

Yup, that's me. My blog bounces around from "Guess what I did today" to "Pardon my pseudo-intellectualism" to "My favorite color's clear." I'm rather fond of the pseudo-intellectual jumps, especially when I'm talking about farm animals. I'm not sure why this is.

On a different note, the tumor in my cheek caused by the removal of my wisdom teeth has finally started to go down. Maybe I'll be able to eat like a normal person again pretty soon. Yay.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

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